Blaze Credit Card

The American Card Express at the Blaze Credit Card would help you get a credit hike without any extra costs. People who do not have perfect credit should take the American Card Express of the Blaze Credit Card.

Know More About Blaze Credit card

  • With American Card Express, you don’t have to pay the heavy annual fee you might have to pay for other kinds of cards. 
  • Moreover, you also don’t have to pay any activation fee or maintenance fee every month, and there are no other hidden costs you have to pay. It is quite a low-cost card.
  • South Dakota’s First Savings Bank issues the American Card Express through the Blaze Credit Card, and Capital Services handle further its services.
  • While looking for a credit card, if you need the funds for depositing the security, the American Card Express services of Blaze Credit Card can be a great option for you. Despite the high-interest cards, it is quite a better option. 

 Blaze Credit card Benefits

1-Get the yearly subscription

You will have to pay $75 annually for the Blaze MasterCard. However, you are not tied to the card forever with this. The portfolio head and senior vice president at Capital Services, Alfred Furth, says that customers with a good history of payments and those who manage their accounts responsibly can contact customer support services to know if they are eligible for the reduced cost.

2-Scope of High credit limits

The American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard provides a maximum credit line of $1500, and the minimum line is $350. Moreover, the card’s modest credit limit is quite good for the customers. 

3-No increment in your annual percentage due to late payment

Your credit score usually gets affected if you aren’t able to pay a payment on time. But with the American Card Express at Blaze MasterCard, you won’t have to pay the penalty annual percentage rate, whose interest is usually higher than that of the card’s APR. 

4-Fair prices

The additional cost added with the American Card Express of the Blaze MasterCard is a 2% cash advance fee, including a return payment fee of $25. With the American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard, you can make payments anywhere where MasterCard is accepted, and there are no extra costs applied while using it in abroad too.

5-Join the PREMIUM club for exclusive offers

By becoming a member of the PREMIUM club community, you can save your money on basic necessities like medicines, hotel layovers, restaurant meals, vehicle rental, and tickets in the theatres. These subscriptions are included in your monthly payment, which costs around $4.95(or $60 per year).


Can I increase my Credit Line from the American Card Express of Blaze Credit card?

Yes, definitely, but for that, there are some necessary things you need to keep in your mind:

  • your account should be in good standing
  • the debt ratio should also be satisfactory

With these conditions, you may get an increase in your credit limit in a tenure of six months.

How much of the amount can I spend from my total credit?

The maximum credit line for the American Card Express at Blaze Credit Card is $1500, and the minimum is $350. However, you can easily spend $275 out of your credit limit. So, log in to the official website or follow this link.

Are there any monthly payments on the American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard?

No, while being a user of Blaze MasterCard, you don’t have to pay any activation fee or any other kind of extra costs with the American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard, which makes it quite an economical and practical option to be chosen instead of all other expenses. 

What is the American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard’s annual fee?

With the American Card Express of Blaze MasterCard, you can use your savings well. The annual fee for the card presently is $75, and in addition, it brings the all-over cost to get this card to about $135 per annum. Almost the minimum can be paid as a secured credit card deposit. 


Blaze credit cards can give a boost to your credit, and you will also not have to pay any kind of extra cost, which is why it becomes a perfect option for everyone to go ahead with.